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Without a community, it's hard to live your faith. We are created to live in communion with God and others. So, when you have friends, mentors, and resources, you can not only survive your time at Duke, you can thrive.


Most Catholics struggle with connection, direction, meaning, and purpose in their faith. They struggle with its relevance and its impact on their life and the lives of those around them.

     I have no time                I don't belong

I feel stuck                         I'm not good enough

   I don't agree                I don't know the answers

            I'm afraid to share my faith

It doesn't have to be that way.

Every Catholic should live their faith with freedom and joy. Most Catholics don't know how to explain the beauty and the truth of the faith. Instead, we get confused or become insecure: we fall into doubt. Become a part of our community to discover who you are, who God is, who God made you to be, and how you can impact this campus. 

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Join a Small Group

Small groups are a great way to grow deeper in your relationship with God and with others who share your Catholic faith!

Sometimes it’s really hard to know how to live out your faith through college on an everyday basis. During small group we explore, support, and challenge each other to grow as disciples to be the best version of ourselves.

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Serve with us

This call to encounter God in service of others is central to our life of discipleship, so our service programming is open to ALL students.

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Come to a Retreat

Are you spiritually searching and not sure of God’s role in your life but want to know more? Do you feel you are at a solid place in your faith/prayer life and are just looking to dig a little deeper? You are given the time and space to step away from hectic campus life and take time to look inwardly and think about your own spiritual journey on our retreats. 

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I love being surrounded by people who are dedicated Catholics because I know that they’ll understand my faith-related experiences and because they motivate me to become closer to God, even just through their enthusiasm for their faith and for the group.

Ella Gunady '23