Small groups are a great way to grow deeper in your relationship with God and with others who share your Catholic faith! Sometimes it’s really hard to know how to live out your faith through college on an everyday basis. During small group we explore, support, and challenge each other to grow as disciples to be the best version of ourselves.

Small Group was a most lovely way to reconnect with my faith. As we reflected on the Word together, each of us brought different perspectives and shared candidly how we saw God working through His Word in our lives, seeing also the room we had to continue growing closer to Him. A wonderful, wholesome, sometimes cookie-eating community that will definitely be a good experience for all at any point along their faith journey!

Joshua Chin, Trinity College ’21

I love being surrounded by people who are dedicated Catholics because I know that they’ll understand my faith-related experiences and because they motivate me to become closer to God, even just through their enthusiasm for their faith and for the group.

Ella Gunady ’23