The Duke Catholic Center is the official Catholic community on the campus of Duke University

A ministry of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Raleigh and the Legionaries of Christ, alongside Regnum Christi, the DCC serves a Catholic student population that is the largest single denomination on campus.  Of the 13,300 students at Duke University, about 20% of them are Roman Catholic. The ministries of the Duke Catholic Center serve and support the spiritual development of countless students during critical transitional times in their lives.

The Duke Catholic Center fosters the formation of future Catholic leaders and promotes the integration of our spiritual, intellectual, and social lives.


Mission & Vision


The Duke Catholic Center is a spiritual home where Duke students encounter the transformative love of the Heart of Christ—in the Gospel, in the Sacraments, and in community with one another—so that students become formed as Christian leaders and apostles.


He appointed twelve whom he also named apostles that they might be with him and he might send them forth (Mk 3:14-15).

We make present at Duke University the mystery of Christ who goes out to people, reveals the love of His heart to them, gathers them together, and forms them as His apostles. We want to create a transforming Catholic presence on the campus of Duke University through rich sacramental experiences, intellectual formation, scripture study, prayer, and discernment opportunities. We seek to equip students to bear joyful witness to the Gospel in building relationships with their peers on campus and in outreach to the broader community. We desire for students to graduate with stronger ownership of their own faith life, an ability to share their Christian testimony with others, and enthusiasm for the calling they have discerned for their future. Staff and students accompany one another on this transformative journey, with welcoming hearts and as missionaries of Christ’s love. This experience of Christ at Duke University forms in each student, as in His first followers, the heart of an apostle who goes out glorifying God through the pursuit of holiness and the building of Christ’s Kingdom.

Advisory Board

Duke Catholic Center Advisory Board 2023-2024

Bill Yoh | Chair | A.B.'93, P'22 | Bryn Mawr, PA 

Sarah Adams | A.B.’70, L’73, P’01, P’04 | Atlanta, GA

Claudia Barreto | T'24 | Doral, FL

Peter Casarella | Durham, NC

Adan Cortez-Perez T'25 | Phoenix, AZ

Michael Francese | A.B.'88, P'21, P'24 | Vienna, VA

Michael Joyce | A.B.'03 | Ashburn, VA

Kerry Karukstis | B.S.'77, PhD'81 | Claremont, CA

Meg Kedrowski A.B. '07 | Redondo Beach, CA

Heather Kempczinski | B.S.’91, P’24, P’25  | Chicago, IL

Rick King | Durham, NC

Robert McHugh | B.S.'80 | Fairfield, CT

Geraldine McManus | P'24 | Far Hills, NJ

Pamela Medina-Quispe | PhD'15 | Toronto, ON

Brett Pylant | P'26 | Westlake, TX

Kimberly Reddy | B.S.'89, P'24, P'25 | Atlanta, GA

Ryan Richardson LC | Atchison, KS

Denise Salvino | P'20 | Charlotte, NC

Michael Traylor | B.S.'89 | Avon, CO

Diane Uzarski | DNP'15 | Manchester, NH

Robert Won | B.S.'11 | Washington, DC