You can’t serve 2 (or 222) masters…

“Do you place any conditions on your marriage?” “No” they reply, every time I ask the question in marriage prep with couples.  It is a question that must be asked and answered, and who can imagine any young couple saying anything but no.  And yet, we all know that conditions get put on relationships all the time, such as:  I will love you as long as you love me; are faithful to me; don’t change into something I don’t like; etc. Whatever happened to the unconditional yes?

Jesus puts a similar challenge before us in the Gospel this Sunday.  He simply states: “You cannot serve two masters.”  We think Jesus is just a little too unforgiving in this regard.  We can and do serve two masters – watch!  We not only serve two masters, we sometimes serve three and four and five!  After all, we are constantly pummeled with the message that encourages us to “do it all” – to serve all of the masters of life, all for the sake of the most important master, myself!  So we run around looking very busy and telling ourselves that what we are doing is important, and the one true Master is left to be served later, when I maybe get sometime.  I will worship, serve, love you Lord if (insert condition here) – a condition that too often is never met.

When will Christ begin to get something more than a qualified yes from each of us?  When will he get our unconditional yes?  When will He truly become the only master of our lives whom we are proud and honored to serve?  Just remember that our conditions speak to the depth of our commitment.  The less conditions we put in place, the deeper our relationship and commitment to Christ becomes.  It is hard not to be conditional.  So many masters call for our attention and time.  May we trust the truth of this Gospel and realize that it is only in serving the one and only Master unconditionally, that we will ever be able to truly enjoy all of the world that he created us to engage.


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