We are called to care for the most vulnerable at every stage

God has created every human being in God’s image and likeness. Thus, every person in instilled with irrevocable dignity and thus the right to life. Jesus makes clear in the Gospels that to love God is to love our neighbors, especially those who are on the margins. Despite conventional norms, Jesus spent time with women, ethnic minorities, tax collectors, and prostitutes. He told us that to serve the poor, the hungry, and the imprisoned is to serve God.

As Catholics we oppose the legalization of direct threats to innocent life, including abortion, euthanasia, the death penalty, and unjust war. We also work for a culture that promotes the dignity of life. The DCC’s Encounter program works to promote human life and dignity through different service events.

Life begins at conception

Human dignity is received at the moment life begins, conception. At conception, this single fertilized egg has its own unique DNA; a human being exists. From this one tiny cell can only come one thing, a human baby! And from this moment on, through infancy and childhood all the way until old age, at every moment of their life, this person has a unique and unrepeatable dignity. Because of this, regardless of the developmental stage or where the baby is located, the life should be protected.

Abortion is a byproduct of an unjust society that does not care for women and children

Women often seek abortions because they feel that they are not in a place where they can raise a child. Poverty, lack of healthcare, fear of violence, and coercion often make women feel as if they had no choice but to abort their child. As Catholics, we should be scandalized that in our country it is easier to end a human life than it is to care for it. Opposing abortion is more than just making it illegal, opposing abortion means promoting a society where women, children, and family can not only survive, but thrive.

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