Wanna Get Away…

I love the Southwest Airlines commercials that were out a while back showing people in embarrassing situations followed by the tag line “Wanna Get Away?”  I like the ads less for the situations and more for the tag line.  Like you, I do “Wanna Get Away” with some regularity, and yet am not always able.  Often it is enough to get away in my head to go to some place special – some place that means so much and brings joy and peace to my mind and heart.  Do I have you thinking of your place right now?

Wanna Get Away?  Sometimes we are actually blessed enough to visit that special place to which our minds transport us.  That was me these past 10 days in Assisi (and Rome) on retreat.  Throughout these days, I was able to spend time in the holy places of Francis of Assisi where my mind runs when I need solace and peace.  The beauty of those spots is difficult for me to describe – maybe the joy they bring me is less about the place and more about what they represent in my life – in my heart.  And yet for me, like in Sunday’s Gospel, not even Solomon in all his glory is arrayed like these!

The beauty of all of these special places exist is only so that it can reflect God’s glory.  Jesus teaches us that worrying is a sign that we have forgotten the glory of God and are relying solely on a world of our own creation.  If that is all we have, then we better worry!  And yet the beauty of creation, the beauty of a love relationship, the beauty of our imagination – all point to God’s glory and his care for us.

Wanna Get Away?  No need to.  God’s gracious love is with us right here and right now, in the special moments of life and the ordinary.  May we cast aside the need to control all that happens to us though our cares and concerns, and place our trust in him, believing that he will transform the entirety of our world into something really beautiful.


Fr. Mike
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