We’re here to help you on the journey to discern your own vocation.

Our goal is to provide you with the information, support and encouragement you need to continue your journey. Here you will find resources to help you to take that next step in responding to the call of Christ.

Let’s first start with some information on the two Franciscan communities who serve here at Duke:
  • You can learn more about the Conventual Franciscan friars here and at Franciscan Voice.
    • In a nutshell, the mission of Conventual Franciscans is to give witness to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through the manner of our life together as friars. We continue the Franciscan ministries, spiritual work, and service of healing which was fundamental to St. Francis of Assisi.
  • You can also explore more about the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist here.
    • The FSE sisters are a community whose mission is to restore a sense of the sacred, especially the sacredness of human life, in a world that knows the rupture between the sacred and the secular.
    • “We are called to be a Franciscan Body of Hope personally, professionally and spiritually prepared to respond creatively ‘to the questions posed today by the anxieties and the urgent needs of the human heart’.” (Vita Consecrata, 81)

Maybe you’re looking for a few extra resources?