Thrill of Hope

“…The thrill of hope, a weary world rejoices…”

O Holy Night
As vaccines begin to flow out around the country and the world, these words seem so apropos. The thought that this year long struggle could be coming to an end is so comforting and thrilling all at the same time. It is amazing what hope can do. But has it done enough? Are we rejoicing over the more basic weariness of our world?

Tremendous medical breakthroughs that have impact on the world or those that are more targeted to those who suffer some particular illness all share the same condition: they do not cure our deepest brokenness. It is from this weariness that our world truly seeks a cure, but too often will settle for the latest vaccine. Can our lives give witness and spread herd immunity for the illness that most powerfully drains our strength? That is a much more thrilling hope, and one that comes off of no production line, but rather calls us to the humility of the stable.

In these days before Christmas as we rightfully celebrate all those awesome researchers, doctors and technicians who have given us this cure, may we also look to rejoice in the promise of eternal glory that has been passed down to us from our faithful ancestors. May we give honor to their memory by being even more alive in Christ so that our lives will bring the thrill of hope to a weary world.

Fr. Mike  c. 919-316-8763 / w. 919-684-1882
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