Why does the Catholic Center raise money?

We are committed to finding the resources to support the thousands of Duke students who are Catholic. Through continued stewardship education and a comprehensive development effort, we have seen a steady increase in the programs we are able to provide.

Are there many Catholics at Duke?

Catholics account for nearly 20% of all undergraduate and graduate students.  Catholics are the largest single faith on campus, double the next largest group (Jewish 11%).

Is the Center funded by the University?

The Duke Catholic Center receives no money from the University budget.  The Center applies to the University Student Affairs office each year to receive a few small grants for specific programs which combine to cover less than 1% of the Center’s budget.

Is there a Parish as part of the Center to also lend support?

No.  The Duke Catholic Center is not a parish with adults and their children.  Our mission focuses exclusively on students.  While we do have a weekly collection, this totals less than 1% of our budget since most attendees are students with limited resources.

Does the Center receive a subsidy from the Diocese?

The Diocese of Raleigh provides a subsidy to the Duke Catholic Center which covers less than 15% of the Duke Catholic Center Budget budget.

Where does most of the funding for the Duke Catholic Center originate?

Over 80% of the funding is donated by Alumni, Parents, Faculty and Friends.

How will my donation be used?

Your unrestricted gift to the Duke Catholic Center will be used to provide the opportunity for Duke students to learn about their faith and spirituality through programs, lectures and other members of the vibrant Duke Catholic Community.  Duke graduates are destined to be leaders.  Will these future leaders be fully prepared for life’s decisions ahead of them without a faith and spiritual understanding?  As most Universities today, the Duke education is mostly secular.

Does my gift count as donating to Duke University?

Yes, you will receive all the benefits of giving to the University by simply designating your gift to the Catholic Center.  You will receive an official tax receipt from the University as well as a thank you letter from the Catholic Center. If you do not want your gift to be acknowledged by Duke University, please let us know.

What is the fiscal year of the Duke Catholic Center?

July 1-June 30 is the fiscal year of both the University and Catholic Center.

How will my gift be acknowledged?

Each gift will receive a tax letter from the University and a thank you letter from the Catholic Center.  Unless you choose to donate anonymously, you will be listed in our annual report of donors produced each fall.