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The Duke Catholic Center serves the undergraduate and graduate students of Duke University.  While most parishes are financially supported through those who attend their church on a regular basis, this is not the case for the Duke Catholic Center given the population served.  The Duke Catholic Center receives NO annual operating support from Duke University.  The Diocese of Raleigh does provide a subsidy for the ministry, but this is less than 15% of the overall budget.

Nearly 20% of Duke students identify themselves upon entry to Duke as being a Catholic.  Studies show that the most important age group in determining if an adult will continue in their faith traditions is during their college years.  Therefore, the Duke Catholic Center has become active in asking alumni, parents and friends to financially support the ministry through the Duke Catholic Fund which supports the operational cost for the Center.

We ask you to consider a gift to the Duke Catholic Center either through the online giving options on this site or the many other ways to give, including planned giving or monthly credit card payments or automatic bank withdrawals to spread your larger gift over equal monthly or quarterly gifts.

A gift to the Duke Catholic Center is also a gift to the larger University, so you will get credit towards whatever recognition societies of the University with a gift to us.  In fact, the official tax credit will come from the University. You will also receive a thank you note from the Catholic Center.

Over 70% of our revenue will come from donations.  Your gift has a tremendous impact on students each and every day.  Every Mass and program would not be possible without your support.  Please explore the site and if you can be generous to our future leaders of the church and our communities.  Don’t hesitate to contact Michelle Sutton (link: with any questions or comments.  Thank you for your support!