Hannah Fisher, PhD (Trinity 2012) and Paul Axelrod (Trinity 2013), married September 18, 2021. Photographed by Jamie Vinson @jamie.vinson.

Preparing for Catholic Marriage

Congratulations on your engagement! We rejoice with you and would be honored to help you prepare for this lifelong commitment of love and service.  The Catholic Church considers marriage a sacrament – meaning that your love will become a sign of God’s love and a vehicle of God’s grace for each of you, for your family and friends, and for the world. The Church wishes to equip you with skills and understanding so you can get the most out of your lifetime of love together, and therefore asks couples to spend time in formal preparation before they marry. This document outlines the process of marriage preparation with the Duke Catholic Center. For additional excellent resources on marriage, visit www.foryourmarriage.org.

There are three different types of Catholic Marriage Preparation that we carry out at the Duke Catholic Center (DCC).  Please follow the instructions given for the Marriage Preparation that best describes your situation:

  1. Preparation at the DCC for a Wedding in Duke Chapel
  2. Preparation at the DCC for a Wedding Elsewhere
  3. Preparation Elsewhere for a Wedding at Duke Chapel