Prayer and Praise before the Eucharist

8 pm – 9 pm | Goodson Chapel

Every week.

(with Reconciliation at the same time!)

What is Adoration?

When Jesus said to His disciples, “I will be with you always” (Mtw 28:20), He really meant it. And one of the ways Christ is faithful to these words is through the Eucharist — the real presence of Jesus, Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity. Eucharistic Adoration is one of the greatest gifts of our faith, because it is a privileged time in which you and I get to spend time with Christ in this mind-blowing way! Here at the DCC we offer two main opportunities for this. The first is our Wednesday Adoration each week at 8pm in Goodson Chapel (that’s in the Divinity School if you did not know). There we have live music, as well as time for silent prayer with, you guessed it, Christ in the Eucharist. The second opportunity is better put as “opportunities” because in our chapel at the Falcone Arena House there is a special tabernacle allowing you to expose/reveal the Blessed Sacrament on your own at any time. How much better can it get! We hope you will take advantage of these amazing opportunities to spend time with Jesus.