Easter Vigil Baptism

Welcome to the Duke Catholic Center!  Welcome to the Church!

Are you interested in coming into the Catholic Church?
Do you want or need to receive one or all of the Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist?
Do you simply want to learn more about the Church before making a more official step?

The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) may be for you.  RCIA is a process during which people learn and talk about the basics of the Church and Church teaching.  We have a full RCIA program for students and Duke Catholic community members.  Generally, preparation for the sacraments starts in the fall semester but please contact us at whatever time of the year because we have flexibility to start preparation at different times.   Please contact Sister Marcia Ternes at sr.marcia@duke.edu or (203) 600-8934.

Here are some student and community members’ reflections about the process…

The Duke Catholic Center was very warm in welcoming me to the Roman Catholic Faith community. My spiritual journey with Duke allowed me to get to know Jesus Christ on a personal level. The RCIA experience at Duke was personalized, conversational, mindful, and inspirational. Prayer, personal reflection and conversation were integrated into meetings in order to help me become a better steward of the Catholic faith.– Alyse Leben, Community Member, was baptized, confirmed, and received Eucharist at the Easter Vigil 2016

Preparing for the Sacraments through RCIA with Friar Manny has been an absolute blessing and an amazing experience. Through Friar Manny’s guidance and our discussion, I was able to gain an open and great understanding of the Faith and find myself ever more finding conviction for my belief in God and Jesus and justification that this is the path I should follow. I was finding a home that I could not find elsewhere and it has been wonderful. Then to go through the sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation, and First Communion, was amazing. I know after Reconciliation I just sat down in complete awe. I could feel this immense weight lifted off of me and it was incredible. Almost overwhelming, really. Through Confirmation I completed my connection with the Church and the teachings of Jesus, and through Communion I at last began that fully everlasting bond of love and care with God through His son Jesus. It was amazing then and it’s been amazing ever since. – Ryen Wilkins, Community Member, confirmed and received Eucharist at the Easter Vigil 2016

Having been raised in a Missionary Baptist tradition, I entered the RCIA process rather hesitantly, full of inarticulate questions and a desperate need to be closer to God.  Perhaps uniquely, I did not begin my journey with the intent of eventually professing the Catholic faith.  Instead, I sought to understand the way our Lord manifested himself in the Catholic Church and to discern whether or not I had been called to meet him there myself.  Having admitted these thoughts and reservations to my catechist at the start of our meetings, I felt comfortable and encouraged as we continued to explore the mystery of the sacraments and the history of the Catholic Church.  I continued to ask questions candidly as I encountered the material and my catechist did her best to answer each one thoughtfully, honestly, and with regard to the teachings of the church.  At last, I decided to be confirmed.  I recognized that I sincerely yearned to experience our Lord through the sacraments he has gifted us, and felt extraordinarily thankful for the opportunity to be able to do so.  Receiving Christ sacramentally has been, undoubtedly, the most rewarding and salvific experience of my life.  Thus, I am eternally grateful to God, my mother, my catechist, my sponsors, and the Duke Catholic Center for ensuring I had the opportunity to encounter my savior in such a meaningful and eternal way. – Amber R. Black, Trinity ’16, was received into the Church, confirmed and received Eucharist at the Easter Vigil 2016