Richness Revealed

I’ve been traveling a fair amount over the last few weeks (meetings, connecting with donors, a few celebrations happy and sad) and am still struck by the sheer beauty of the earth and the U.S. in particular from the air.  While air travel is increasingly maddening (Southwest is now welcoming pets on-board—just what crowded airports and planes need—some animals!), I am still transfixed by the beauty of the earth from the sky.  I’ve seen it hundreds of times, and I still see something new.  Perspective.

This weekend we celebrate the Holy Trinity, and like the earth from 30,000 feet, looking anew at the love fest that is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit reveals a richness that can never be exhausted.  The intimacy of the relationship between the Divine persons is not one that shields itself from view, but rather invites us not only to look in, but to join in the perfect beauty that is love perfectly lived—true life shared.  A richness of inestimable worth that never tires of self-revealing.

Another celebration this weekend is the 25th anniversary of my ordination to the priesthood.  Talk about a richness revealed! While there are days when I get burned out, most of my life as a Franciscan priest is a 30,000 foot look at the glory of God at work in the world, and in some sacramental and humbling ways, through my hands.  And as the glory of the Trinity is revealed in the love shared by multiple persons in one, I know that the priesthood is for me a ministry that is beyond just me.  What God, the Church, the Friars, my family, and all whom I have shared ministry with these 25 years have meant to me is a richness that continues to be revealed.  If this is what these 25 years has meant, I can’t wait (God willing) to see the next 25!


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