As the Catholic community here at Duke University, we believe in and seek to create a world in which the justice of our God is made real for all. We commit to uphold justice and eliminate racism, and we ask God’s continued forgiveness for ways in which we have not lived up to His call of love. We also ask forgiveness of those whose experience of the DCC community has not been welcoming because of actions or inaction of our staff or students. We are grateful for the ways in which God’s grace is at work in our community in this moment to be more open for all who desire to believe, worship, and serve with us.

Pastoral Care

Need to Talk?

Whether you’re feeling like you don’t fit in, you’ve experienced something you’re struggling to process, or you just have questions about justice issues, talking to someone is often a great first step.

We invite you to explore our Need to Talk page so that you can find the right fit for whatever is on your heart. (Though any of us will be so happy to discuss any issue!)

And, of course, we also offer the opportunity to chat with Mario Dance, an outside, third-party who is available as a listening ear and/or mentor to any Duke Catholic students of color.


Celebrating Black Catholic History Month

As part of Black Catholic History Month 2020, the DCC team put together a mega document of resources that are part education, part inspiration, and part celebration.

We encourage all students to explore the richness contained in this document on a regular basis. Allow yourself to learn something new, get to know a new Black saint, or explore your faith in new ways.

Open Wide Our Hearts

Essential reading for any American Catholic. Written by the Bishops of the United States, this pastoral letter is a rousing call to love and to fight against racism, a sin that denies the equal dignity of all human people.

Litany of Black Saints

As Catholics, we believe in the power of intercessory prayer, and we often turn to certain saints in times of need. Let’s get into the habit of broadening our network of saintly friends with this beautiful and simple litany of Black saints.