News worth sharing???

In the age of instantaneous messaging and communication, it seems odd that Jesus has to tell Mary Magdelene at the tomb to go and tell everyone else what she has seen.  I would think that were the resurrection to happen today, it would be an instant social media craze, the likes of which have never been known.  I wonder if a selfie with the risen Lord would be too much to ask?  While that may sound somewhat crass, don’t you think Mary went looking for the disciples thinking:  “They are never going to believe this!”  Aside from the desire to grab some proof of the resurrection, I think the deeper reality is the desire to share the resurrection.  The joy of the resurrection is not something to experience alone – it can’t be experienced alone – it is the antithesis of alone!

Christians the world over will come out in droves to celebrate the holiest day of the year – Easter Sunday.  Wherever you are in your faith journey, Easter Sunday tends to send most of us to be with someone else – to celebrate this feast with others.  Maybe it is the enormity of what we are celebrating that causes us to need to be with others to affirm:  “Is this real?”  That being the case, it remains for all of us to answer that question for the sake of us all.  Do we really believe this is real?  And if so, aren’t we compelled to share that truth with others.  The world of believers needs to be affirmed in this truth (let alone the rest of the world).  So what are you doing to confess your faith in the resurrection?  How are others being assured in their faith by your presence on Easter Sunday?  However you answer that, I think the tougher question lies on Easter Monday (and Tuesday, and Wednesday . . .).

The Resurrection is news worth sharing . . . everyday!  Take that selfie with Christ and bore your friends and family to death with it every single day of your life.  As we make real our belief in what others would say is unbelievable (that death is not the end – the Jesus is the Way, the Truth & the Life), we will celebrate the faith that helps us to realize that we are never alone, not even in death.  Jesus takes the solitary reality of sin and breaks it wide open.  Sin isolates.  Resurrection sends us wildly into the arms of others, all others, proclaiming with joy that we are not alone in the weakness of our tombs.  Rather, we have seen for ourselves that Jesus saves and unites us with the world.  Find some way to let your life be an instant message of that grace to all you meet everyday and who knows . . . maybe people will want to take more selfies with you and share that with others!


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