Use your talents to praise our God!

Come and join us!  We’re having a great time and building community in the DCC Music Ministry.  We rehearse Thursday nights at 5:30pm in the Falcone-Arena House just off East Campus, and rehearsals are followed by pizza or a home-cooked meal!  We also rehearse before each Mass (9am in Goodson Chapel for 9:30 Mass | 10:30am in Goodson Chapel for 11:00 Mass | 8:00pm in Duke Chapel for 9:00 Mass).  We understand your busy schedule and still want you to be a part of the ministry, so come as often as you can.  We will email you a PDF of the music for each weekend and provide YouTube videos and MP3s to make it as accessible as possible.  If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to email Andrew Witchger.

Wednesday night’s Holy Hour group meets one hour beforehand (at 7:00pm in Goodson Chapel)

Singers, Cantors, Sopranos, Altos, Tenors, Basses!
Come one, come all!

We’re building toward a 20-voice choir with orchestra at each mass and we need your voice!


Don’t have your instrument with you?  No worries!  The DCC has instruments available for you.  Haven’t played in a while?  Pick up an instrument and we’ll help you along as you get reacquainted with your instrument and (re)discover how powerful it is to express your faith through music.  (Fr. Mike is praying mightily that some brass players will join us this year — help us make it a reality!)

Meet the Music Ministry Leadership Team!

img_4363 Audrey Ellis | Communications Directress

img_3564 Dylan Tamayo | Musician & Singer Scheduling Czar

14124394_10154067209459125_3910599022456420523_o Joseph Tan | Retention Champion

img_4367 Laura Naslund | Student Conductor Extraordinaire

img_9487 Anna Lee | Freshman Outreach Commandant

12376649_1228983297129224_7018739436231705583_n-1 Lauren Hale | Cantor Master