Have fun and use your talents to praise God!

Come and join us!  We’re having a great time and making friends in the DCC Music Ministry.  Come join us for dinner and rehearsal Tuesday nights 6-8 PM in the Falcone-Arena House just off East Campus! Dinner is provided 6-6:30, and rehearsal begins at 6:30.  We also rehearse Wednesdays 7-8 PM before Eucharistic Adoration in Goodson Chapel, and before each Mass (10 AM in Goodson Chapel for 11 AM Mass | 7 PM in Duke Chapel for 8 PM Mass).  

“I can’t make it, so I can’t be a part of music” – We understand your busy schedule, so come when you can! There are four rehearsal times, just choose one – let’s make music!

Even if you cannot attend a rehearsal, we will email you a PDF of the music for each weekend and provide YouTube videos and MP3s to learn the music. So, just study on your own and then show up.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to email Andrew Witchger.

Singers: We’re building toward a 30-voice choir with orchestra at each mass and we need your voice!

Instrumentalists: Don’t have your instrument with you?  No worries!  The DCC has instruments available for you. Haven’t played in a while?  Pick up an instrument and we’ll help you along as you get reacquainted with your instrument and (re)discover how powerful it is to express your faith through music.  (Fr. Juan José is praying mightily that some brass players will join us this year — help us make it a reality!)


Clare Sobolewski | Music Student Director

Clare is a sophomore majoring in International Comparative Studies and minoring in Spanish. She is in the Navy ROTC program here on campus and plays the saxophone in the Music Ministry. She loves being outside in nature, whether it is running in the woods, or playing sports.

Quilago Guerrero-Milander | Communications Coordinator

Quilago is a sophomore majoring in Biology with a concentration in Anatomy, Physiology, and Biomechanics. She’s from Queens, NY and loves to be in nature and sketch. And she sings in the choir.

Maria ter Weele | Cantor Coordinator

Maria is a second year student in the Biomedical Engineering department. Originally from Culpeper, VA, Maria has found a second home at Duke over the last 6 years. Contact: mt274@duke.edu

Matthew McEneaney | Graduate Outreach Coordinator

Matthew is a 2nd year in the physics PhD program and plays guitar on Sundays.  He hails from the watermen’s town of Eclipse, VA and loves to play frisbee and spend time outdoors.  In the fall he can also be found performing with the local German band in return for beer and bratwurst.

Eric Johanessen | Undergraduate Outreach Coordinator

Eric is a sophomore from Granite Bay, California. He is planning on majoring in Classical Civilizations and Political Science with a certificate in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. He is a baritone in the choir and enjoys reading, going to the gym, and spending time with his friends.

Eliza Henne | Undergraduate Outreach Coordinator

Eliza is a sophomore majoring in Art History with a concentration in Museum Theory and a minor in Chemistry. She is from Silver Spring, Maryland, and her proximity to DC may explain her love for any and all museums. She plays violin in the Music Ministry, and her hobbies include oil painting, ballroom dance, and debating whether or not she is pre-med.

Nhat Duong | Carpool Coordinator, Joke Generator, Supper Superintendent

Nhat is a 2nd year in the CBB (Computational Biology and Bioinformatics) PhD program. Nhat represents Allentown/Philadelphia PA everywhere he goes because those are his 1st and 2nd homes. Nhat is a grad student so he does research for fun, reads research papers in his free time, and dreams about winning the Nobel prize in his sleep. Though he may seem tough on the outside, he is actually the coolest kid on the block and loves to talk in general.