ID photos!

You can’t do much on Duke’s campus (or any other for that matter) without your ID card.  It allows us access to buildings, enables us to print papers, and with available funds allows us to make purchases, all with the swipe of the card.  It is interesting to me that rarely does anyone look at my picture on my ID card (thank God), but are more concerned with the data contained in the magnetic strip on the back.  It is as if what is unseen in the card is more important than what is on the card.  Is this a metaphor for life or what!

This Sunday’s Gospel has Jesus asking the disciples a tough question – Who do you say that I am?  The responses are varied and seem to reflect more what is being said on the outside than what is imbedded almost magnetically into our very being.  That is also the challenge of life.  We are so often asked in not so direct ways, who do we say Jesus is.  Sure those words aren’t used, but in the myriad ways in which we are called each day to act, we are in fact making a statement about whom we believe him to be.  For if we believe him to be what is actually written in the code of our DNA by our creator – the Son of God – than all of our actions would reflect that reality.

Instead, too often we pass off the question with what other people say about Jesus.  Or worse yet, we try to flash our Catholic ID cards, by indicating an association that is obvious – I’ve gone to Church my whole life, I went to Catholic school, I am a priest – all potentially just the stuff on the outside of the card.  Those choices need to be in concert with what is viscerally connected with the Holy Spirit who resides within us.  May we work this week to create synergy between the reality of our interior relationship with The Christ and the reality of the photo that we snap each day in the actions on the outside of our lives.


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