“I can’t get no . . .”

I ordered something online the other day and UPS delivered it in a smashed box.  I asked the delivery man if I should open it to see if it was damaged.  He told me that he could return it only if the box remained unopened.  Once I opened it, it was mine.  Without a way to determine if the contents were as crushed as the box, I opted to have the package returned to sender.  I wonder if I will ever get what I originally ordered in good and functioning condition.  Mick Jagger was right – “I can’t get no . . . satisfaction!”

“And I try, and I try, and I try, and I try…”  How true these words are in life, not just in dealing with damaged shipping.  Isn’t it true that as we go through life, getting bounced around, dented and bruised, that our lives can sometimes look like a smashed box that needs to be returned to sender.  But is that the policy that God sets forth?  In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus in fact states that policy not just in word, but in action.  Jesus’ followers, banged up and demoralized by the death of John the Baptist hoard around Jesus looking for some satisfaction.  They are tired, thirsty, angry, and hungering for more than just food.  And into this crowded mass, Jesus brings calm, invites everyone to relax, and then satisfies 5000 people with five loaves and two fish.

Take some time this week to appreciate what has not satisfied you this week.  What has promised to bring you happiness and has only failed to deliver?  It is important to know what doesn’t ultimately quench our thirst so that we can look elsewhere to someone who truly satisfies the hungry heart.  Daily, weekly, Jesus feeds all of our needs.  Take a seat and be refreshed by the miracle that is Jesus who knows what we need before we do.  After all, he is the way!

“Hey, hey hey, hey, that’s what I say!”


Fr. Mike
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