How high do you want to go?

How many cranes can one campus support?  If you haven’t been on Duke’s campus recently, the number of cranes that have sprouted up is startling.  Not knowledgeable of things engineering, I am not certain what constitutes the need for a fixed crane, and what type of building can be built with a more mobile one.  As in most things at Duke, if you are going to go . . . Go Big!  And cranes can obviously help buildings go really big!

Being on a campus that dreams big can inspire that kind of imagination in other areas of life.  I wonder, however, if we think big in our spiritual lives?  Do we imagine the heights to which we can grow closer to Christ, or do we settle for low hanging fruit, grateful if we can simply sneak into heaven?  For many of us, we settle to just get by and fail to appreciate what life can be like at higher levels.

We need a crane!  This Sunday the readings reference tall trees, in particular the Lebanon Cedar in the first reading from Ezekiel.  God wants to clip off the highest portion of the tree and replant it on his mountain.  No low hanging fruit there!  God does great things with those who have achieved great heights.  So what/who are the cranes that can help us to grow tall spiritually?  Or better, are we cranes that help others to grow spiritually?  We need more cranes!!  Identify the people, situations and practices that raise you beyond the canopy of the world, and make a commitment to spend time with them this week.  Be willing to support and raise up those who are around you.  The view is fabulous at the top and we want the rest of the world to enjoy it with us!


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