Get in line!

It is no secret that I am never the first to discover new technologies, but even if it they are a bit dated, cool technologies don’t diminish in amazement for me.  My latest discovery is the Maps app on my iPhone.  I have used this app before for directions, but I just learned that if I am listening to music while being given directions (while driving), it will reduce the music to the background while it is speaking the directions.  What a great idea!  Turn down the volume of the background noise so that I can figure out where I am going!  Imagine if we could have an app to do that in life – turn down the background noise so we can figure out where to go.  But isn’t that who/what Jesus is?

In Sunday’s Gospel we hear the disciples looking for directions and Jesus is quick to respond.  He helps them to appreciate that He is the way the truth and the life.  All that we could want in life can be found in him.  But they persist; they want to see God the Father.  Jesus has to not only turn down the background noise, he also need to clear away the fog that keeps them from fully appreciating that to encounter Jesus is to see The Father – they are one!  The disciples, like us, struggle to follow Jesus’ way and we fail to fully appreciate God’s presence in the following of that way.  Our lives are clouded and cluttered with background noise that keeps us from truly appreciating the Jesus is all we need.

The only way to learn to dial back the noise is to do that literally – find some quiet!  It is amazing to me the challenge that it is in this day and age to actually find silence.  It is so difficult that most of us are afraid to even try – like a child with a pacifier, we can’t go anywhere without earphones.  Take some time this week to find silence, and realize how hard that can be.  Then commit to it for a small amount of time each day.  Even in our prayer, just sitting in God’s presence without filling the time with our own words is a challenge.  But imagine that we will struggle to hear the voice of the Lord calling us to follow, leading us to a better understanding of the Father, unless we submit to some silence.  You don’t need an app for that.  Silence is the oldest and most effective technology on the planet (batteries not required)!


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