For this purpose I have come

One of our DCC staffers was showing me some new app on Google Chrome called Momentum that creates a beautiful background photo each time you open the program and it then asks you “What is your main focus for today?”  As powerful as the question is, I wondered what my answer would be.  Immediately the flood of “important” things that I need to do today came flooding to my mind.  While some tasks obviously are more important than others, it is hard to nail down my “main focus”.  I wonder if there isn’t something telling about that.

In this Sunday’s Gospel from Mark, Jesus declares: “…For this purpose have I come.”  What precedes this line is his desire to go on so he can continue preaching, even though he had just cured many sick people and drove out demons. Wasn’t that why he came?  Beautifully, Jesus knows what his “main focus” is for today.  It is clearly to preach the Good News of the reign of God.  He may do this by healing, by teaching, by spending time with his disciples, by getting away for quiet and prayer.  While all of these things are important, he is clear that they are not the “main focus” of the day.  Thankfully, the savior of the world is clear on what his purpose is.  Imagine had he been distracted!

We have to frequently ask ourselves the same question using the words of Google Chrome or the words of Jesus Christ:  “What is the purpose for which I have come?”  Too often the other important items of our day keep us from a main focus on purpose – the big why.  That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do the other things – glad that Jesus healed and taught, and hung out and prayed.  But most glad that He preached the Good News of the kingdom of love that is at hand.  I assume as his follower, as a Christian, that must be my purpose as well, amidst all of the other important things I will do today.  Q. Mike, what is your main focus for today? A. To preach the good news…For this purpose have I come!  Keep me focused Lord, otherwise…


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