Overcoming challenges in diversity, equity and inclusion is not easy work. Nor is it quick or un-messy work. Still, we are committed to creating a Catholic community at Duke that is inclusive, diverse, and welcoming to any Duke Student. We have known the Father’s great love and we wish every Duke Student to know that same love—to know his or her inherent dignity and worth.

In this commitment, we hope to reflect a universal Church that is richly diverse yet bound together in the Body of Christ. We’re grateful for your help as we endeavor to always grow in understanding, outreach, and support of this incredible Duke Catholic community. Please never hesitate to share your thoughts, ideas, or concerns with us as we navigate this commitment together.


Racial Justice

From highlighting Black Catholics you may not know to offering resources for anti-racism, we think you’ll find this page informative, challenging, and encouraging.

Need to Talk?

Our staff always love to hear from any student. But we also know that sometimes outside resources are helpful for some folks. That’s where Mario Dance comes in.

Serving as a virtual mentor and all-around sounding board for Duke Catholic students of color, he’s available to chat about whatever’s on your mind!

Cultural Affinity Small Groups

Small Groups are a great way to get to know Christ in a personal way, learn to pray with Scripture, build lasting friendships, and explore the Catholic faith through a lens unique to your cultural experience.

Click through to learn more about the current Black Catholic Small Group or about starting a group of your own!

LGBTQ: You Are Welcome Here

We value our LGBTQ members of this community as we value all members of this community, and we want every Duke Catholic student to find their own particular path to holiness while on campus.

On Racism & Diversity


As the Catholic community here at Duke University, we believe in and seek to create a world in which the justice of our God is made real for all. We commit to uphold justice and eliminate racism, and we ask God’s continued forgiveness for ways in which we have not lived up to His call of love. We also ask forgiveness of those whose experience of the DCC community has not been welcoming because of actions or inaction of our staff or students. We are grateful for the ways in which God’s grace is at work in our community in this moment to be more open for all who desire to believe, worship, and serve with us.


God’s grace has specifically moved us to continue to listen to the ever-changing needs of our students, realizing that one size does not fit all, and there is no one person or group who can claim to speak for any racial group. In the diverse and rapidly changing landscape of campus ministry at Duke, we always aim to meet the needs of our current students. This year, with the help of Duke Students we held a Eucharistic vigil for racial justice, conducted a social media campaign to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month, and led a retreat that celebrated the Indigenous-Catholic experience. We are also in the planning process of the following events and activities:

  • Social media content to highlight and celebrate Black Catholic History Month
  • A student hosted/lead virtual gathering of any interested Duke Catholic students to discuss the Black Catholic experience
  • Partnering with local and national Black parishes to explore new ways to address racial injustice
  • Engaging in a “Choir Swap” for Sunday Mass with a local Black church choir
  • Organizing a visit to the old Holy Cross Church (first Black Catholic church in Durham) on NCCU’s campus
  • Engaging adult Black Catholics who would serve as mentors willing to hold virtual “Office Hours” for Black Catholic students

These are just some of the ways in which we have been engaging students on important issues of race and justice. There are and will be others. We would always love to hear your recommendations or suggestions.

Staff Development

Staff Development will continue to play an important role in our ongoing attention to the diversity of our students. Attendance at conferences and programs that are offered through Religious Life at Duke, CCMA, the USCCB, the Diocese of Raleigh and other Catholic support entities that engage these important topics will continue to be on our agenda and that of our Advisory Board. Scheduled conversations reflecting on articles and media that present the unique challenges of people of color will also remain a reoccurring learning dynamic for our staff.