We don’t come into the world as individuals; we are born into families and relationships. As Catholics we are called to support each other in these relationships. This means supporting policies that make it possible for families to thrive and to help others not just at the individual level but communally.

Families are threatened when they are forced to flee their home countries due to violence and/or climate crisis. Families are threatened when unexpectant young mothers cannot afford diapers, childcare, and other necessities to raise children. Families are threatened when they are deprived of proper health insurance and nutritional programs. Families are threatened when they are denied loans for houses because of the color of their skin.

Supporting families is not a political or partisan question, it’s a our call as Catholics.

Watch this short video about the Call to Family, Community, and Participation in the Church

This semester, we are working to create generation change in communities in Durham and throughout the world. We will be partnering with Habitat for Humanity to make home ownership possible for low-income families. We will be partnering with Catholic Relief Services to support refugees from Afghanistan. We will get the chance to not only serve, but also to learn more about the lives of others. Here’s a quick preview of what we’ve got going on:

If you’re interested in getting involved, email MyLan Metzger.

*to learn more about why we are pro-life, read here.