Here’s a short snippet on the DCC’s Director of Social Justice & Outreach, MyLan Metzger.

Can you introduce yourself to folks who may not know you?
Sure! I’m MyLan. I graduated from Georgetown in 2019 before coming to serve as the Peer Ministry Coordinator at the DCC for two years. In July, I transitioned to the new Director of Social Justice & Outreach position.

Why do you think its important for campus ministries like the DCC to have a dedicated position for service and social justice?
Students are so hungry to make a difference and have a great passion for folks on the margins. So I think it’s essential that we have a ministry that helps them to connect their passion with the Church’s Catholic Social Teaching and a deeper understanding of Christ’s call to serve and protect the vulnerable.

What have been some of your favorite initiatives so far?
It’s been exciting to connect students with nonprofits and other groups in Durham who are regularly on the ground working in the community for different needs. Students are really responding to the weekday breakfast moment with our Durham homeless community. We’ve also had over 30 students serve with the Durham Community Food Pantry’s off-site distribution. The Pantry has been able to serve more families and bring more food than normal thanks to the extra hands of the students.

What are you working on in terms of diversity and inclusion?
We’re starting small but being intentional. We’ve created and are supporting small groups for many students of different backgrounds, interests, and affinities. And we’re also working to create more opportunities to celebrate the many different cultural identities of our Catholic students. With students taking the lead, we’ve had some incredibly powerful moments this year including a Lunar New Year celebration, Spanish Mass and dinner with the bishop, and a collaboration with our Black Catholic Small Group and local Black Catholic parish of Holy Cross.