Get Ready . . . For What?

Packing for vacation is torture for me.  As I begin to put things out on the bed to pack, I begin to imagine things that I “might” need.  This false imagination ends with me bringing a sweatshirt to Florida in August in case it gets chilly some night – when is the last time that happened!  But it might, in which case I will be the lone vacationer ready for the freak Florida summer cold spell!  It is tough to get ready when we aren’t exactly sure for what we are getting ready.  I can imagine a similar reality for… Read More

Not a question of volume

My brother in law is fond of asking others for their favorite movie line.  While I think he truly enjoys hearing others selections, I think he more enjoys declaring his own.  His comes from the 1975 Spielberg thriller Jaws: “I think we need a bigger boat!”  If you’ve seen the movie, you understand the quote and context, if you haven’t, well, you need to!  Bigger boat, bigger house, bigger car, bigger suitcase to fit my stuff – on any given day, especially in the United States, bigger still rules as better.  And while no one disputes the truth of Roy… Read More

Buying into the party line…

In these weeks of political conventions, it is interesting to watch the dynamics that take place as groups of people gather and try to be united on a platform.  Be it issues of security, defense, education, or care for the poor, our country’s two major parties gather and try to spell out their vision for how to address these complex issues.  It is fascinating to listen to politicians find ways to speak with a unified voice with their party while clearly not always endorsing every plank of the platform.  It can make for some uncomfortable press interviews, as well as… Read More

Pokémon Go Deeper

Rarely a slave to fads (I regularly wear a 12th century knockoff garb), I was with my niece this week at the beach and we decided to try out Pokémon Go.  To describe what this is (if, like me, you tend to live a bit of a sheltered life) would take entirely too long.  But I found the phrase that is used to describe this new game to be fascinating: “augmented reality”.  To differentiate it from “virtual” reality, augmented reality lets you see your real world environment with items that have been supplemented or superimposed (in this case, Pokémon characters). … Read More

Timing & First Impressions…

A new family moved into our neighborhood recently and I wanted to stop by with a small welcome gift to say hello and introduce myself and the friars.  When I finally got the time to put the package together and walk over to the house, it was about 8:30pm – admittedly late even though there was still light in the sky.  As I rang the bell, there were lights on in the house and within moments the new owner came down the stairs in her pajamas with her 4-year-old child in her arms.  She opened the door and started yelling… Read More


I have always liked the phrase “Irish twins”, referring to two children born to the same mother within a 12 month period.  While originally used as a pejorative term against Irish Catholics who were too ignorant of or too Catholic for birth control, it no longer has that negative connotation.  Rather, at least for me, it speaks of the closeness of larger families and the ways in which siblings can be so alike, even those who may not be actual twins.  I have three sisters and while none of us are twins (or Irish twins for that matter) we are,… Read More

A New Day

I was at the beach recently for a long weekend and on the final morning I was there, after a rather restless night of sleep, I got up to go out and watch the sunrise.  There is something special about the sunrise over the ocean.  With the sound of the waves rolling onto the shore, a cool breeze in the air, and a cup of hot coffee in hand, there I sat seeing the beginnings of light on the horizon.  There is something about that scene that calls for deep thoughts.  You can’t watch the atmosphere in the distance begin… Read More

“Jesus’ Glory is Our Glory”

When I was younger, I must admit that I found some depictions of the crucifixion to be what I would have then described as “over the top”.  As some cultures are more apt to utilize more graphic renderings of Jesus on the cross, I guess my own culture had settled into a more sanitized version of the event.  I think I found the more gruesome paintings or statuary to be something I was beyond.  After all, I knew that Jesus death on the cross was probably a horrendous sight to behold, I just didn’t think I needed to be so… Read More

Coming Home

In one of his short stories, Earnest Hemmingway recounts a popular old Spanish tale of a father and son who are estranged over a hurtful disagreement.  The father desires to be reunited with his son Paco, so he takes out an add in a local newspaper with the simple message:  Paco, all is forgiven, Papa – with instructions for a meeting time the next day in the local square.  The father is overwhelmed the next day to find a horde of young boys named Paco in that square looking for the forgiveness of their fathers. This poignant story speaks to… Read More

“Not the same old way”

I recently saw a business reporter on the news trying to convince people not to panic and sell off their stocks after a day that had seen a 300pt. loss of the Dow. I tried to imagine if the reporter had some stake in the game, or rather truly believed that a sell off by regular people who are invested in the stock market was not in their best interest. It is hard to know whom we should trust in our investments, but it is harder to know which investments will really produce and when it’s time to sell that… Read More