News worth sharing???

In the age of instantaneous messaging and communication, it seems odd that Jesus has to tell Mary Magdelene at the tomb to go and tell everyone else what she has seen.  I would think that were the resurrection to happen today, it would be an instant social media craze, the likes of which have never been known.  I wonder if a selfie with the risen Lord would be too much to ask?  While that may sound somewhat crass, don’t you think Mary went looking for the disciples thinking:  “They are never going to believe this!”  Aside from the desire to… Read More


If ever there was a Bible expression that has fallen out of use in spoken English that needs to be revived for our everyday usage, “Behold” would get my vote.  Think of it, no one uses it anymore and if you do people would think you better suited for a stage play than real life.  Is it that there just aren’t events that create the sense of awe and wonder that call for someone to shout “Behold,” or have we become far too cynical to believe that anything should so capture our attention.  I would hope for the latter rather… Read More

A Child’s Lack of Inhibition…

I hope that by now many of you have seen the images of the small child who recently stole the show at the Papal Audience celebrating family life in the Year of Faith.  For those of you who have not seen it, there are children seated around the stage during the proceedings and at one point a small boy (maybe 5 years old) gets up and walks up to where the Holy Father is seated.  We later learn that the boy was an orphan from South America who had recently been adopted by an Italian couple.  Throughout the proceedings the… Read More