Catholic Book Recommendations You’ll Actually Like

Each book on this list is vetted by a Duke Catholic student who’s been in your shoes. Read through the recs, commit to fully reading one of these books, and watch your spiritual life transform in new ways!

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Here at the Duke Catholic Center, we love creating content to help you dig into your spiritual life. Whether it’s wellness tips on university-wide wellness days or printed guides for the different liturgical seasons—we curate only the best content for you.

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“Netflix for Catholics”

Find yourself knowing more about celebrity gossip and Duke basketball trivia than your own faith? Still stuck on difficult teachings of the Church or Bible passages? Join us on FORMED! A special Netflix-for-Catholics-like website to which the DCC has purchased access just for you! Check out the hundreds of videos covering Catholic doctrine and teaching, all completely free! Whether you’re looking to restart your faith or deepen your understanding, FORMED offers both authority and application for Catholic thought.


Father Mike after-hours!

Tune in every other week to our new podcast, Friar Side Chats, for commentary on culture on and off Duke’s campus, with fresh reflections and applications of our Catholic faith. Stay tuned for special guest speakers, new topics, and great new insights on the Gospel in the 21st century. Listen on iTunes, Spotify, or our app!

A Powerhouse of Awesome Catholic Stuff

ICYMI, Bishop Robert Barron’s homilies, essays, and commentaries are the best! And Word on Fire is his outlet. As author, speaker, and theologian, Robert Barron is a leading authority on the New Evangelization and has thoughts to share on everything from summer blockbusters to Scripture. Check out the Word on Fire videos, blog posts, homilies, and more!