Welcome to the Duke Catholic community! We are so glad you’re here.

We are the Catholic Community on Duke’s campus, serving 2500-3000 Catholic Dukies from all parts of the country and the world. While canonically not a “parish,” our center provides all of the opportunities and services of any local parish for young adults aged 18-30, and even a few more! We invite you to begin to engage our community at whatever place you are in your spiritual life. A great first step is Our website provides a great resource of information of all that is going on at the DCC, so feel free to explore it. But if you don’t find what you are looking for, just email us (catholic@duke.edu) and we’ll get you what you need.


To get started, here are our Top Ten Ways to Get Connected @ the Duke Catholic Center:

1.  Come to Mass! (Too obvious?) It’s not your grandparents’ Catholic Church. We’re pretty confident you’ll love it.

2.  Register with us! It’s a great way to let us know how you’re interested in engaging and it helps us know you’re a part of this community.

3.  Tuesday Night Dinner: Free food!

4.  Take a Tour: We’d love to show you our locations!

5.  Meet with one of the Staff: We are better looking in person!

6.  Holy Hour: Quality prayer time with Christ and others!

7.  Graduate/Professional Student Bible Study: God’s Word is always time well spent!

8.  Service Opportunities: It’s not about me!

9.  Liturgical Ministries: Somebody’s got to do it!

10.  Send us your prayer intentions: If it’s important to you, it’s important to us!