If ever there was a Bible expression that has fallen out of use in spoken English that needs to be revived for our everyday usage, “Behold” would get my vote.  Think of it, no one uses it anymore and if you do people would think you better suited for a stage play than real life.  Is it that there just aren’t events that create the sense of awe and wonder that call for someone to shout “Behold,” or have we become far too cynical to believe that anything should so capture our attention.  I would hope for the latter rather than the former.  In Sacred Scripture whenever you hear the word, you can be sure God is about to do something wonderful.  I hope God’s works today are still something to behold!

In this Sunday’s Gospel, John the Baptist cries out “Behold” as he sees and points to Jesus.  Truly, something wonderful and worthy of awe and wonder is there for all to see in Christ.  John, the wise man who has spent his life preparing people to see this great coming, is still at working pointing us to see the awesomeness of God in our midst.  What makes John so able to recognize the divinity of Jesus?  What makes him so ready to point it out to others?  Do I have any of the qualities that would allow me to do the same more frequently, or again, is it just that God’s majesty in Christ just isn’t on display as much anymore?  Maybe divinity is in the eye of the beholder!

John sees Christ because he has been looking for him for a lifetime, and he cries out for us to see Christ too because he wants to share the joy and wonder of God in our midst.  Let us commit more of our lives to looking for God in our midst.  Let us desire to share that great grace with others.  With these two gifts in hand who knows, even we may find ourselves shouting “Behold!”  Maybe not using that word exactly, but may our lives be a more vivid witness of Christ in our midst such that others who live with us may behold the Spirit of the Lord upon us.



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