An Oscar Performance?

With the Oscar Awards recently on television, I had to acknowledge once again that I did not recognize a number of the movies up for awards.  Upon further reflection, I realized it had been some time (over a year?) since I had been to the movies.  Not for lack of trying!  Every time I think of going to the movies, none of the titles really grab me and I postpone for some later time when an actor or genre that I like is on the marquee.  Maybe I am getting pickier about such things, but I wonder what is worth my time at the movies these days.

I guess it comes down to realizing that there is no perfect film fit out there, and whatever the movie, I am  going to have to settle for some show.  Unless I am Peter, James and John in this Sunday’s Gospel – then I am given the perfect show!  These three guys go up the mountain with Jesus and he is transfigured before them along with Moses and Elijah.  How wild is that!!!  Now that would be an Oscar winning performance, if it were an act.  But it isn’t a show, it is the reality of the life that awaits us in Christ.  Am I willing to be a part of it?

Too often we respond to our faith as if it were a show that needed to entertain us.  We judge our liturgical and prayer moments by the degree to which we have been moved or inspired.  We pick and choose our engagements in Church with the same selectivity we utilize in checking the movie listings and show times.  But that is not what Jesus takes the disciples up the mountain to experience.  Jesus is about sharing a moment of his life to further engage the apostles in discipleship.  Discipleship is not about watching, it is about following.  May we all appreciate this engagement that Christ came to share with us, and pursue it with greater vigor than movies that are here today and gone tomorrow.


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