Mary Skapek
Trinity ‘16

Mary Skapek is a sophomore transfer student from Chicago, Illinois. Mary spent her freshman year studying at the Boston Conservatory with the goal of becoming a professional dancer. Dance has served as a defining factor in Mary’s life from the moment she wobbled into her first ballet class at the age of four. Though at that time, she was primarily interested in the concept of getting to wear an entirely pink outfit all day, a nascent fascination with the beauty of movement took root in Mary’s heart. Dance remained the single constant activity throughout her childhood, and, when Mary received an acceptance letter from the Boston Conservatory, she knew that she could not pass up the opportunity to pursue her passion at a pre-professional level. Though Mary ultimately decided that she thrives in a more balanced environment, she is so thankful for her time spent in the artistic community of Boston.

Here at Duke, in addition to simply enjoying the warm Southern weather and debating what she’ll declare as her major this year, Mary is actively involved in the Dance Department, Model UN, and a variety of service activities around campus. Last semester was a wonderful blur of meeting new people and exploring opportunities, and Mary is incredibly excited to be a part of the Duke Catholic community!




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