The faithful, who by Baptism are incorporated into Christ and integrated into the People of God, are made sharers in their particular way in the priestly, prophetic, and kingly offices of Christ, and have their own part to play in the mission of the whole Christian people in the Church and in the world.
 – LG 31

The laity can be called to cooperate with their pastors in the service of the ecclesial community, for the sake of its growth and life. This can be done through the exercise of different kinds of ministries according to the grace and charisms which the Lord has been pleased to bestow on them.
– Paul VI, EN 73

Apply to be a Student Director!

Applications are open for the 2020 Student Director positions! We’re in search of sophomores and juniors who believe they can be excellent leaders for their peers. If you’re passionate about your faith, have felt the impact of the Duke Catholic community, and desire to grow as a leader in the Church and in the world — this position is calling your name.

Job descriptions can be found here.

And applications can be found found here.

Small Group Leaders for Fall 2018

At the heart of our formation of students as disciples is our Small Group Ministry. Both graduates and undergraduates have been tasked with meeting the spiritual needs of our community by gathering once a week with their peers to encounter Christ in Scripture. Through diligent prayer and personal outreach, these student leaders form the heartbeat of our Catholic community, and are helping to shape the future of the Church at Duke and beyond.

Hi everyone! My name is Kyla
and I am a sophomore from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. At Duke I am on the cheerleading team, a member of the American Medical Women’s Association, a volunteer at Duke Hospital, and am involved in research on campus. In my free time I love to read and spend time in the gardens. I also enjoy volunteering with the DCC through Encounter! I first attended a small group my freshman year and have loved delving deeper into Scripture to strengthen my relationship with Christ. I am so grateful for the opportunity to lead a small group this year and to engage in the dynamic Catholic community at the DCC!

My name is Terry Lindsay and I am a junior from Chevy Chase, Maryland. At Duke, I am on the Men’s Lacrosse team, a member of the One Love Foundation club, and a volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House. In my free time I love to read and listen to an old vinyl on my record player. I first attended a small group my freshman year and loved being with a group of Catholic students willing to be open about their faith and strengthen their relationships with Christ along the way. I am grateful to lead a small group this year and to engage in the dynamic Catholic community at the DCC!

I’m Joseph Tan, a junior from Singapore. Having done two and a half years of military service prior to studying at Duke, I’m passionate about character and values education, as well as living a healthy and active life. On campus, I sing with the Duke Chorale and Catholic Center Music Ministry, tutor in local schools, and watch Duke basketball (even though I know nothing about basketball trivia). In my fee time, I can sometimes be found baking, running at the WaDuke trail, or taking too many afternoon naps. I love learning about different cultures and perspectives, and I’m excited to grow in faith and love with the Catholic community here at Duke. 

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Bartusiak, and I am a sophomore from Lake Forest, IL. I am passionate about computer science and introducing more students in high school and middle school to computer programming. When I am not enthusiastically coding, I love to spend time outdoors, especially walking around a garden in the spring time. The first time I started to read and pray with Scripture outside of a classroom setting was last year when I first started college, and I am so excited to learn more about my faith through Scripture and small group this year!

Hello! My name is Michaela Reinhart, and I’m a sophomore from Kentucky. I haven’t declared yet, but I think I am going to major in Global Health and Chemistry, with a possible minor in some sort of journalism. Books aside, I am on the Women’s Cross Country and Track and Field teams here, and am involved with Green Devils, which works to make Duke more sustainable (don’t let me catch you purchasing a plastic water bottle). I am a huge family person, and love spending time with my four younger brothers, one miniature dachshund, and parents whenever I can. At Duke in my free time, you could probably find me spending time with friends, play piano, or baking (usually either chocolate chip pumpkin bread or biscuits). I came to Duke worried about maintaining my faith, but quickly found a fantastic community to share my journey with. The people at the DCC have definitely helped me to grow in my faith through their willingness to reach out, connect, and be there for you. I don’t know where I would be without the DCC! I hope to be able to be able to walk, learn, and grow with people on their own faith journeys, as people in the DCC did (and are still doing) with me.

Hello all! My name is Sophia Mascarena, and I am a sophomore from Billings, Montana studying Evolutionary Anthropology. I am involved with club golf, volunteering at Duke hospital, and work at the undergraduate admissions office. I also help as a sacristan at mass on Sundays. I enjoy walking around Duke and the surrounding Durham areas and hanging out with my amazing friends here. Participating in a small group my freshman year was the first step in deepening my faith as a college student. It exposed me to read and discuss scripture and its many interpretations with my peers and learn more about Christ as a person and as our Savior. I am blessed to be able to continue participating as a small group leader and create new and lasting relationships through scripture in our faith community!

My name is Mary Markwordt and I’m a sophomore from Marietta, Georgia. I’m a part of the women’s lacrosse team here at Duke and I’m studying Public Policy and going for a certificate in MMS. I love animals, especially my kitty named Gussie who will hopefully be living with me next year here on campus. I lead a small group for my team and enjoy getting to grow closer to God with the girls that I am closest to.

Hello! My name is Lauren Hale and I’m a senior studying Biology and Global Health. In my spare time I do antibiotic resistance research towards my thesis, music ministry with the catholic center, and musical theater with Hoof ’n’ Horn. After graduation I will be working as a clinical research specialist at Duke, so I’ll still be around the DCC! I started attending small group my freshman year, and have loved the opportunities it has provided to meet new people in the DCC and to help me make faith and prayer more a part of my life at Duke. I’m so happy to be co-leading a small group with Joseph and to be growing in faith together with our small group members this year!

Hey there! My name is John Balletta, and I am a second-year law student at Duke from northern New Jersey. I was lucky enough to learn about the DCC after a 9 PM Mass in my first month of school, and before I knew it I was making friends and deepening my relationship with Jesus beyond my expectations. Of course, that includes in small group, which I soon joined and now find myself leading! Going to and encountering Jesus in small group is an amazing stabilizer and blessing to the hectic life of a Duke grad student. When I am not stuck in the law school with work, I might be walking around the Al Buehler trail, watching or researching baseball, or playing Super Smash Bros. (new challengers welcome). I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Część! My name is Natalie Gasparowicz! I was raised by a pair of Polish immigrants in New Jersey.  I’m a second-year Phd student in History, looking at 20th century Mexico. I am usually laughing and trying to find the joy in the little things. Joining a small group has helped deepen my own intimacy with God, but also, allowed me to continue asking questions about servant leadership, compassion, and community.  I am excited to be able to lead a group with the DCC!

Hi, my name is Bruce McCuskey. I am a master’s student in theology from West Virginia. I majored in Philosophy, Classics, and History at Washington and Lee University. In my free time I enjoy reading, hiking, and drinking lots of coffee. I also love leading my Thursday night Small Group! We have a wonderful time growing closer to the LORD together. I have been so grateful for what my Small Group has taught me. After I finish this Spring, I’ll be entering the Jesuit novitiate. 

Student Directors for 2018

Undergraduate and graduate students also serve as Student Directors and Coordinators in the Duke Catholic Center. They are an essential part of every aspect of ministry at Duke. They are responsible for assisting in the development of programs and coordinating student engagement in liturgy, justice and service, intellectual and spiritual formation, and community building. Through serving in their respective ministries, these Student Directors live out the baptismal call, sharing personal gifts and talents within the Duke Catholic community with an eye toward lifelong service to the Church and the world.

Directors of Liturgy

Jose Rivera

Well howdy! I didn’t see you there! My name is Jose Rivera, and I am from Plano, Texas. I am a biomedical engineering major on the pre-medicine track. I do research in the Hoffman lab that it is primarily focused on developing different types of proteins. Outside of school, I work at the Wilson Recreation center with Outdoor Adventures, and I love almost anything outdoorsy. I work as a trip leader and as a wall monitor. I am also super involved in cooking (it started out of necessity because I didn’t want to starve over the summer at Duke), and if you have a recipe for something, I can most likely make it! I also love to play piano, to exercise, to tent (I am a Cameron Crazyyy!), and to spend time with all my friends at Duke. As a student director of Morning Liturgy, I will center my busy life more around God (as it should be), and with His help, I hope to draw in others to God not only to help me but also help them make God more of a priority in their own lives.

Quinton Tran

What up, y’all! I’m Quinton Tran from the town of Lawrenceville, GA. I am currently studying Physics with an intended minor in English. When I’m not grinding on my studies or researching cell transport in lab,  I love to beat Evan at Smash Smash Bros.  try my best to beat Evan at Super Smash Bros. (he usually wins), skate, engage in outdoor activities, dance, and read up about the faith. I got involved in the DCC ministry as a very sleepy altar server, and by His grace, I grew to really question what I believed which led me to seek a relationship with Jesus. Inspired by the beauty of how Jesus works in the community, I wanted to get more involved in liturgy to better know Jesus in the Mass. I look forward to serving and glorifying God with y’all!

Director of Tuesday Night Dinners

Lucy St. Charles

Hi, my name is Lucy St. Charles, and I am a junior at Duke majoring in Spanish and Global Health. I’m originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee. I love the opportunity that the Catholic Center has provided me through Tuesday Night Dinner to learn about cooking and baking and its relationship with my faith. I joined the Tuesday Night Dinner cooking team my freshman year and have been cooking with the team ever since. I am so excited to continue working with the TND team to create fun meals and a space for all. Come join us Tuesday night at 6:30pm!

Director of Service and Development

Amanda Beach

Hey! I’m Amanda Beach and I’m a sophomore from Melbourne, Florida. I’m studying Biology and Spanish and I love learning about the way human bodies work! I am on the cross country and track teams here, and I’m one of those insane people who loves the extreme distances (like the 10k race). Aside from running I love reading, baking, and game nights with friends and family. I grew up going to Catholic school and came to Duke wanting to delve deeper in my faith (I’m also the nerd who sometimes takes notes during the homily). I’ve always enjoyed growing my relationship with God through community service and I’m excited to be able to continue my faith journey here in the DCC!

Director of Lecture Series

Reagan Portelance

Hey! My name is Reagan Portelance, and I am from Mooresville, North Carolina. I am double majoring in BME/ECE and am uncertain about after college although I am considering going to grad school. I am involved in Club Running, play cajon in the music ministry (aka the instrument that requires the least musical ability), work in a Neurobiology lab, and am an RA in Blackwell. I have been attending Lecture Series events since my freshman year and always look forward to the inspiring and illuminating talks as well as the Harris Teeter chicken and cookie platters 🙂 I am super excited to share this ministry with y’all this year because it has meant so much to me in my time at Duke.

Director of Music Ministry

Mia Carlson

Hi, wonderful people! I’m Mia Lu Carlson, a junior from sunny-side-up Fountain Hills, Arizona. I’m so grateful to be here at Duke, studying Psychology and human development, and it’s three more short semesters until I get to pursue nursing—possibly pediatrics—a passion which hadn’t germinated until my sophomore spring (goodbye, premed!). When I’m not in class, you can probably find me dancing, writing To Do lists, folding origami, or pondering my (lack of) food points usage, which makes me quite popular among hungry friends. If extracurriculars were academic disciplines, I’d definitely be majoring in Duke Chinese Dance (as Artistic Director and choreographer) and Music Ministry (choir member, cantor, and newly fashioned student director!). Growing up, I never acknowledged music as a form of worship and prayer, but now I can’t sing without praising and loving God. I found a supportive community in this ministry and have learned so much about leadership as well as friendship. The Catholic Center and the people I’ve grown with have helped me find my balance, my courage, and my appetite for a more fulfilling relationship with God. I am incredibly fortunate to be a part of this family on campus. I can’t wait to share my voice in this ministry, and I hope to hear your voices too! Love and prayers!