There are three locations within the DCC where we house books for students (and anyone!) to borrow: the FAH Study Room, the FAH Lower Level Lounge, and the Page 3rd Floor Office Suite. If you would like to follow the book, you can click here at this link, or scan the QR code at the bottom of this page, and then follow the steps just here:

To Borrow a Book

  1. Select a book from a shelf in the FAH Study, FAH Lounge, or Page Offices
  2. Scan this QR Code or click this link
  3. Search for the book title in the Search Box
  4. When prompted, enter your Duke NetID as your Patron ID
    (If you are not in our Library Patron database, email your FName, LName, and NetID to and we will add you asap.)
  5. Click on the Checkout Box
  6. You will receive an email indicating when the book is due back to the DCC

To Return a Book

  1. Simply place the book you are returning in the basket in the FAH Study or in the basket in the Page Offices. Do not try to put the book back on one of the shelves.
  2. You will receive email confirmation that the book has been checked back in.
    • Pray for our donors who help us to purchase new books.
    • Return the books you borrow by the time indicated.
    • Do not “donate” new or used books to the collection, see a DCC Staff member instead.