A Window on the World

As I write this I am at 40,000 feet headed from Raleigh to Chicago on a Southwest flight.  I am in a window seat looking out at the clouds below and the emerging morning on the horizon.  As many times as I have flown, it still amazes me that technology has allowed us this view of our world.  It is simple and beautiful and awesome all at the same time.  Am I getting a bit too sappy???  Sorry, but perspective is so critical for me lately, given that I am so often prone to lose it.  What is my view of the world?  What is my view of my own life?  I am a firm believer that it often depends on the window through which we look each day.

I have no windows in my basement office in Duke Chapel, and too often I feel like I suffer from seasonal affect disorder 12 months a year.  With no window to the light outside, it is difficult to know if it is sunny and a delightful 68° or rather drizzly and 44°.  I try to walk outside as much as possible, but more and more I have come to appreciate that the perspective I need to cultivate does not depend on access to a view outside, but rather a window that looks more inward.  Our Readings from Sunday Feb 9th call us to view and taste our world and our lives from a different perspective.  Gaining insight into our lives and the world by looking inward is a perspective for which no technology has yet been created.  However, God assures us that the journey inward can be equally if not even more amazing and awesome than the view from 40,000 feet.

Jesus speaks of two powerful images in Matthew’s 5th chapter:  salt and light.  If we desire to best appreciate who we really are and our place in the world, we need only look within and appreciate the glory of the light of Christ’s love that floods our being with an awareness of his presence.  We need only taste and savor the goodness of God’s love that captures the fullness of the flavor of life.  This is the perspective that then empowers us to look upon our own lives and the world in a new light and with better taste.  We see and savor the world best when we do so with the perspective of Christ who is the Light of the World and the Salt of the Earth.  Any other search for perspective will prove clouded.  Look within, taste and see the Lord whose Spirit dwells within, and watch your window on the world be transformed!



Fr. Mike
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