A Game-changing Week!

In any area of life, there are game-changing moments that can exponentially make a difference.  The spiritual life is no different.  While there have been a number in my life that I can point to, discovering Holy Week was one early that changed my encounter with Christ and has continued to be a watershed moment for me each year since.  I can’t fully express the potential this week holds.

I was a “Christmas kinda guy” until my senior year of high school and some friends talked me into going to a local church for Holy Thursday Mass and I got hooked.  That Good Friday was special as well, but it wasn’t until the following year that I went to the Easter Vigil for the first time that I come to more fully appreciate the “holiness” of Holy Week.  Lent now takes on new meaning for me each year as I realize that it is culminated with these special rites.

There are so many things about our faith that we can get caught thinking – “been there, done that”.  That would be fine if I was talking about religious site seeing.  But Holy Week celebrations only have that quality for the spiritual life for those who are interested in checking a box or punching a ticket – mission accomplished.  But for those interested in encountering Jesus, these liturgies are unique and call us all to step in and be transformed: the liturgies (as always) are efficacious – they do what they say they do.

I invite you to a game-changing experience in the spiritual life.  Come to Holy Thursday Mass, Good Friday Service, and the Easter Vigil and watch where the Holy Spirit may take you!


Fr. Mike
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