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ENCOUNTER: Social Outreach

Encounter combines service, prayer, and reflection to create a powerful experience. Before visiting their service sites, groups examine the importance of their work in light of the Catholic faith and current world issues. On their sites, students work alongside, teach, interact, and learn from the Durham community. After, groups come full circle by reflecting together and sharing their faith-in-service experiences. ENCOUNTER: Social Outreach is designed to engage small groups of DCC undergraduate and graduate students in weekly service site in our community, as they encounter Christ through serving others.

For questions or more information contact, please contact Tuan Dat Nguyen tuan.dat.nguyen@duke.edu.

Participant Testimonials

“Encounter provided a great opportunity for me to get involved with an awesome service organization in Durham that provides meals for homeless people. I really gained a lot by interacting with the people at Open People, and it was fulfilling to see the impact that God was having on these people through this service organization.” -Andrew Method

“Working with the kids at the Boys and Girls Club helped me to learn more about the Durham community on an intimate level. I came to Duke thinking Durham simply the location where I go to college – now I think of Durham as my second home. In the classroom, teaching the alphabet, spelling, and basic math reminded me how the excitement of learning doesn’t fade, even as we get older.” – Adam Kershner

“Visiting the Hillcrest Convalescent Center every week gives me a chance to breathe and catch up with friends who have good stories, great dispositions, and are always happy to see me!” — Maria Luisa Frasson

“Encounter was a great way to get more involved in the community around Durham.  It was a nice break from the stresses of the school week and really an enjoyable experience.  I will definitely volunteer at Hillcrest again!”

“Open Table Ministry provided a way for me to not just live at Duke, but also in Durham.  Getting to know the homeless humanizes an issue that is so often ignored, and instills the reality that God made and loves all people, just as we are called to do.” -Victoria Treboschi