ENCOUNTER: Social Outreach

Social Outreach in the Triangle & Beyond

                        Our reflection based service program offers students various opportunities to engage social outreach programs.  In a spirit of giving & receiving, participants will encounter others, from the perspective of equality, thereby better enabling them to make real the ABCs of good social outreach:

Announcing the Good News
Befriending Neighbor
 Creating Community

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Service Opportunities

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Reflection Method

An experience not reflected upon is lost forever.

Our reflection method is designed for the car-ride back to campus.  All participants are asked to share something during this time, using this finger method as a guide:

  • Our thumbs remind us how, like hitchhikers of times past, we journey through life befriending neighbors.  Did I befriend someone today?


  •  Our index fingers remind us that our words and actions should always point to God. How did I witness God working today?

  •  Our middle fingers remind us of the frustrations and challenges we encounter in creating connections.  How did I handle today’s challenges?

  •  Our ring fingers remind us of the promises we make, especially our promise of faith: to announce the Good News.  Did I care for others today?  Did others care for me, how does that make me feel?

  • Our little fingers, often overlooked or considered unimportant, remind us of the forgotten and poor whom we so often fail to recognize in our midst.  How did I encounter poverty today, in others, in me?

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Gabriela Gomez  

 Fr. Michael Lasky