Fall 2016 Training!

You’ve asked for it, and we’re bringing it. Come on out to receive training in one or more liturgical areas!

#getliturgical Training Schedule

Initial Meeting(s) – #getliturgical
Dates and Times:  Sept. 13th (6 pm at the Falcone-Arena House), Sept. 14th (7:15 pm in the Chapel Basement Office), and Sept. 15th at 9:15 am AND 3 pm (meet at the Chapel Basement Office).

Following an initial meeting, those interested in given ministries must attend ONE training session. While there are multiple times and places for these trainings, you need only attend one to finish training. Protocols for both locations will be covered, and any questions regarding specifics will be answered at said meetings below:

Altar Server Trainings Altar Ego: Serving at the Altar
Dates and Times:  Sept. 15th (@ 1:00 pm meeting in Basement Office) or by appointment.
Contact: Aristide Sangano (aristide.sangano@duke.edu)

EMHC Trainings – Bread-er be Ready! Ministering the Body and Blood
Dates and Times:  Sept. 14th (immediately after adoration in Goodson Chapel), or Sept. 15th at 4:30 (Falcone-Arena House) or Sept. 18th (7:30 pm in Duke Chapel).
Contact: Ana Maria Ramirez (ana.maganto.ramirez@duke.edu)

Lector Trainings – Preach: Proclaiming God’s Word in Human Words
Dates and Times: Sept. 14th (9 am or 1 pm @ the Basement Office by appointment).
Contact: Matthew Aragones  (matthew.aragones@duke.edu)

Hospitality Trainings Beyond the Pews: The Lost Art of Hospitality
Dates and Times: Sept. 18th (@7:00 pm at Duke Chapel), or Sept. 20th (@5:00 pm and 7:30 pm at the Falcone Arena House)
Contact: Evan Wescott  (evan.wescott@duke.edu)

Collection Counting Trainings – In It for the Money
Dates and Times: Sept. 15th (@ 1pm in the Basement Office) or  Sept. 18th (immediately following 9 pm Mass in Duke Chapel)
Contact: Ruth Anne Kennedy (ruth.kennedy@duke.edu)

Any questions or concerns about specific ministry trainings can be sent to the contact person for that given ministry. All other questions can be directed to our Student Directors for Liturgy (Ana and Aristide) or Peer Ministry Coordinator (Evan).



Liturgical Opportunities

Students at the Duke Catholic Center take responsibility for serving in all capacities of liturgical life on campus.  Our engagement of liturgical life is modeled on the charge given by the Constitution on Divine Worship of the Second Vatican Council (Sacrosanctum Concilium) that states:

It is very much the wish of the church that all the faithful should be led to take that full, conscious and active part in liturgical celebrations which is demanded by the very nature of the liturgy, and to which the Christian people. “A chosen race, a royal people, a holy nation, a redeemed people” (1 Pt 2:9, 4-5) have a right and to which they are bound by reason of their Baptism.  SC14

To that end, students serve in the following ways:

Students greet and assist those who come for liturgical celebrations.  They prepare the worship site, and often host any refreshment opportunities offered after liturgical celebrations.

Altar Servers
Students serve at the altar, assisting the priest in the celebration of the liturgy.

Students proclaim God’s Word at liturgical celebrations.

Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers
Students assist with the distribution of the Eucharist during the celebration of the Mass.

Music Ministers
Students who sing and/or pay musical instruments offer their talents for the enhancement of our liturgies.  Click here to be directed to our special music ministry page.

Students coordinate the set up and maintenance of all of our liturgical materials for our liturgies.

Collection Counters
Students count the collection and deposit it securely after each of our Masses.

All of our Liturgical Ministers receive special training for their work.  The ministry of Eucharistic Minister is reserved for students who have received the sacrament of Confirmation.  All liturgical ministries are scheduled by an online program Ministry Scheduler Pro which allows students to be reminded of their ministry assignments as well as indicate assignment preferences, and assist in seeking substitutions if students cannot for some reason fulfill an assigned ministry.  Click here for Ministry Scheduler Pro if you are a registered minister of the DCC.