The Duke Catholic Center offers  a range of retreat experiences throughout the year.  If you are interested in going on a retreat or wondering what retreat is coming up next here is a quick summary of each!

Awakening Retreat
Feb 17-19, 2017

The Awakening retreat is a great opportunity for Duke Catholic undergraduates to be able to get away for one weekend in the spring to hear and talk about basics of our faith with peers. It is a student led retreat running from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. A variety of undergraduate speakers discuss topics such as faith, what it means to be a Catholic, resolution, commitment, love, and prayer, all through the context of their own experiences at Duke. Fore more information or to sign up, check out the webpage here!  

Busy Guys Retreat
Saturday, Jan 28th
12:30 – 6:30PM

Every year we get a great crowd of guys to come for an afternoon to take some time to be together and reflect on life and God’s place in it.  This year we will take a long overdue look at the struggle to choose between the many great options in life.  Take a look at the details, as well as names of guys who are coordinating the day.  Contact Fr. Mike or one of them if you have questions.

Grad Retreat

Grad retreats are a great time for graduate students and young professionals to get away for a night, meet other Catholics in different departments and fields, and reflect on different topics of our Catholic faith.  Grad retreats are run by you, are graduate students and young professionals — so if you’re interested in gathering a team to spearhead a retreat, let us know and we can help with some of the planning!