The Duke Catholic Center offers  a range of retreat experiences throughout the year.  If you are interested in going on a retreat or wondering what retreat is coming up next here is a quick summary of each!

Awakening Retreat
Oct 2-4, 2015

The Awakening retreat is a great opportunity for Duke Catholic undergraduates to be able to get away for one weekend in the spring to hear and talk about basics of our faith with peers. It is a student led retreat that is offered one weekend each semester, running from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. A variety of undergraduate speakers discuss topics such as faith, what it means to be a Catholic, resolution, commitment, love, and prayer, all through the context of their own experiences at Duke. Duke Awakening 25 is Oct 2-4, 2015. Cost of the retreat is $25 for retreatants and $30 for staffers.  Registration fee is nonrefundable.  

More information on sign-ups to come!

Busy Guys Retreat

The Busy Guys and Busy Girls Retreat is the perfect way for students to take time out of their relentless Duke schedules to listen to speakers and engage in small group discussions about their faith.  This retreat is once a year (in the spring semester) and runs for just five hours on a Saturday afternoon.  Students truly get to de-stress, reflect, and take time to meet and interact with new people and ideas in a short amount of time.  This is perfect for those students who don’t have much time, but still want to deepen their faith and grow within the community. Contact Fr. Mike or Catherine Preston for more information. We will post the dates in the spring as soon as we confirm them!

Beach Weekend

Second weekend after classes begin in the Fall

Welcome Freshmen! At Duke, we are lucky to have a vibrant and active Catholic community — and we would like to extend a special invitation to you to come see what we’re all about! In September, the Duke Catholic Center will hold its annual Beach Weekend getaway. Beach Weekend is an opportunity for you to meet upperclassmen and fellow members of your class while relaxing at the beautiful beaches of North Carolina at Salter Path. Throughout the weekend, you’ll have the chance to reflect on and discuss your first two weeks of college, learn about the Duke Catholic Center, get to know some awesome people, explore your maturing faith and consider what role it will play in your life during the coming years. Of course, you’ll also have plenty of free time to swim, socialize, or play in the waves and sand! Next year’s Beach Weekend is September 4-6, 2015.

For more information, see the Beach Weekend page!

Grad Retreat

Check the Grad/Professional page for more details!

Grad retreat is a time for graduate students to get away for a night, meet Catholic graduate students in different departments, and reflect on different topics of our Catholic faith.  It is a student led retreat that is offered once each semester, running from Friday evening to Saturday evening.  Fall Grad Retreat is October 17-18, 2014.  We will post the dates for Spring Grad Retreat as soon as we confirm!