Plus One V2

A Duke Catholic Center Invitation Program

He called them, and immediately they left their boat and their father and followed him. Mt. 4:22

There is always room for one more!  The only way in which we can fully experience the discipleship that Christ calls us to in Baptism is to invite others to join us.   Plus One V2 is a program inspired by Jesus’ method of invitation.  May we be willing to invite others to come with us to follow Him!

What to do:

  • Send an email to to let us know that you are going to try to do this so that we can keep you and your friend in our prayers and encourage you in this during the semester. 
  • Take some time to pray about your friends, and especially those whom you may know to be Catholic and not practicing their faith regularly through Sunday Mass attendance. 
  • Select one or more of these friends to approach with a simple invitation to join you for Mass on 4 dates this semester:
    • Sunday, February 2
    • Wednesday, March 5 (Ash Wednesday)
    • Sunday, April 6
    • Sunday, April 20 (Easter Sunday) 
  • Before Mass on those days, arrange to meet your friend(s) beforehand and come with them to Mass. 
  • Keep your friend(s) in your prayers throughout the semester. 
  • On one of those dates, stop by the DCC Information Kiosk outside of the Chapel to get a free copy of the DCC prayer book Pray With Me for your friend(s). 
  • After Easter, we will send you a brief survey so we can see how this worked, and give you an opportunity for reflection and feedback.