Our Mission

The Duke Catholic Center is a spiritual home for students at Duke University that creates a welcoming Catholic community; grounded in the Eucharist, intellectual growth in faith, social justice and the nurturing of leaders.

Our Vision
“Put out into deep water and lower your nets for a catch.” (Luke 5:4)

We want to cast a wider net into deeper water.  We believe that we have an established Catholic presence on the campus of Duke University, but one which has yet to realize its fullest potential.  We desire not to remain like the apostles in the upper room after the resurrection, but rather to be the apostles who, filled with the Holy Spirit, spoke the language of every person.  We envision our ministry touching the lives of more students, faculty, and staff by meeting them where they are and inviting them to connect with us in some way.  We believe that by being more present to the wider Duke community, we can allow others to come to know us and allow the Holy Spirit to work.  We envision a future where the 20% of Duke Catholics who are currently engaged grows to 40% engagement by 2017.  A wider net in deeper water:  that will mark our efforts in the next three to five years.  We are confident that these efforts will net us a great catch!

Our Plan

The Duke Catholic Center is a ministry of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Raleigh that seeks to create a community of faith amongst the students of Duke University.  As such, the DCC provides a comprehensive approach to its ministry, acting as a local parish for the students while not canonically established as a parish.  In order to better meet student needs, the DCC has engaged a strategic planning process in order to focus its growth for the next three to five years.