West Campus

The Duke Catholic Center is located in Room 037 in the basement of Duke Chapel, on the Bryan Center side of the Chapel. As you face the front entrance of the Chapel, descend the steps on the left side of the Chapel. Take the first path on the right until you come to a walkway (located on the right). At that walkway you will see a set of brown double doors straight ahead. The Duke Catholic Center is the first room on your right as you enter the Chapel basement.

Goodson Chapel, the worship space for 11:00am Sunday Mass and Wednesday night Holy Hour, can be found in the Duke Divinity School.  The Divinity School is located to the North of Duke Chapel.


East Campus

Many of our activities are held at the Falcone-Arena House, located across from East Campus at the corner of Buchanan Boulevard and Trinity Avenue.  Your DukeCard provides access to the house from 8 am until 10 pm, for prayer, study, quiet, gathering with friends, food, meetings, or whatever renews your spirit.